Apartment or house?

The image of the perfect place to live in differs from individual to individual, depending on each one’s needs, requirements, hobbies, civil status. Some prefer the commodity of an apartment, others like houses more, due to the extra space and design possibilities, while others simply can not decide or do not want to give up to any of the advantages. Even though living in a flat proves hardest when you have to deal with noisy neighbors and lack of space as well as when raising pets, taking care of a house is no walk in the park either.
The costs are higher, maintenance is more expensive and more complicated as well, while the risk of getting robbed increases. Whatever the choice, both have their pluses and minuses, starting with price, location, interaction with neighbors and access to main facilities. Fortunately for the undecided ones, the market nowadays offers a variety of spaces that combine the most important advantages of the two, according each one’s available budget.
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